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Home Lighting and Design

Lighting sets the mood and tone of a room, there is a reason those cool white fluorescent tube-lights are where they are: hospitals, byzantine office complexes, or State institutions. In those cases, that lighting is used to illicit a clinical, cold, and stimulating environment for the person who has the misfortune of being underneath these lights. Ideally, you don’t want your home to remind you of a trip to the DMV. I am currently designing lamp shades, lighting, and light switch covers/plates to bring eye catching warmth to your room. From your end table to your ceiling, the right lighting can unify a room and provide function through form. My designs are currently available at the Etsy shop linked above and I am available for commission.

Lighting extends to the switches, too. I understand this will offend the minimalists in the crowd, but the stark white light switch covers which are all but standard in all homes bring nothing to the table visually and are only there to keep you from getting electrocuted. What if I told you, dear reader, that I could keep you from being electrocuted while also providing some color and pleasing design to a wall that was previously a white square? With the power of 3D printing, these covers provide tactile feedback and utilize the 3rd dimension for color and pattern. These are available in multiple colors and designs. I am available as a contractor/consultant for architects, interior designers, and building operators who want to add intentional and striking light panels to their designs and stand out to their clients. Please contact me for more information.